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Safety measures in signwriting

Australian Ruler Company

Margins are thin enough in the signwriting industry today that failure to pay attention to safety measures in signwriting amounts to undermining one’s business. Aside from the legal and moral reasons for paying attention to workplace safety, signwriters know that slips and tears can be costly. This is why our Australian Ruler Co. non-slip safety rulers are stocked by leading suppliers to signwriters in Australia and are used extensively in New Zealand.

How do you measure up against safety measures in signwriting?
One of the quickest ways to make important gains towards safety is to make sure your rulers are strong, light and keep fingers away from blades and markers.

Our non-slip safety rulers have a raised ridge, given users plenty of purchase when holding them against materials. We have also introduced a full-width rubber base that keeps the ruler steadily in place on many surfaces. And the 3mm ridge against the measuring edge gives one more tick to our occupational health and safety credentials. I urge you to order one of our non-slip safety rulers if you have not been doing so yet, even by starting with a small one as a trial.

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